In Transition

Life is full of transitions. I have been pondering a number of scenarios in my heart and am finally moving on some of them.

For the past couple of years, I've been wresting with depression. There's no doubt in my mind that it's part of this crappy change of life roller coaster I've been on. FYI - whoever dreamed up this over-heated hormonal wasteland needs to be taken out for a few beverages and talked sense to. This is hardly a fun way to spend the middle of your life.

The thing I hate most about depression is the immobility. Because everything requires so much effort, all your effort is concentrated on the most visable; getting up and going to work, making dinner, wearing clean clothes.  I've finally determined that I've had enough of this crap. My new motto is No Time Like the Present. Or Take No Prisoners. Or Get the Hell Out of the Way. Or something along those lines.

Along with other changes I've been making, this blog is up for discussion. The one thing I can say about, is that it will change. When and to what has not been determined yet. What has been determined is that it no longer meets my needs.

So stay tuned. I have a couple other posts headed for this page before I begin the editing process.

Warmly (and I mean that most sincerely)