Celebrating Longevity

On the 30th of December, TOG and I celebrated a marital milestone... 30 years.

We look a bit different than we did back in the day...

Which is probably for the best!

Unfortunately the roads were so icy the night of our anniversary that we canceled our reservations at our favorite seafood restaurant and went to our local bar and grill. I think we both felt like it was pretty anticlimactic for a 30 year celebration, but it was the best we could do for that night. A more suitable celebration is planned for later this year, but the details aren't ironed out yet!

So for now, it's just tacky pictures in front of our tree, a nice meal at the local bar and grill, acknowledgment that we're both blind as bats now and a bit of amazement that we've hit this milestone just by being stubborn and hanging in there when times got tough.

And dear lord, I can't wait to cut this hair off!

How do you feel when you look at pictures from back in the day?

AG out!