Blue Friday

It's Blue Friday! And I'm wearing my blue in support of my Seahawks who leave today to play Chicago in a divisional playoff! While I can't be there to support them in person, I'm excited to watch the game and cheer them on. Should they win and get some help from the other NFC teams, it's possible they could come back to Seattle and play for the NFC title and the right to go the Superbowl! It is with great hope that TOG and I have already purchased our playoff tickets! No, I'm not counting unhatched chickens. I just have great hope. My hawks have a lot of heart!

In celebration of Blue Friday, I'm posting these two shots I took yesterday. Our agency is getting ready for our Winter Wonderland party and these are the centerpieces. The shot above was taken with my zoom lens.

This shot below was taken with my new macro lens, emphasis on the snow flakes.

I love the color! Especially today!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!