Puppy Love

I've been dying to use my new macro lens, but with our icky weather, there hasn't been much of interest to shoot outside on a macro level. But when spring comes, watch out!

In the meantime, I always have Maddie to point the camera at. Let's look a little closer at my favorite Chihuahua.

  • I love her whiskers! Maddie is a very whisker-y dog!
  • I love her wrinkles. Just look at those neck wrinkles! Thankfully, they look a whole lot better on a Chihuahua than a human. Not that I would know...
  • Madeline has large expressive eyes. You always know what she's thinking!
  • I like the divot in-between her eyes. It probably means she's missing the part of the Chihuahua brain that allows her to cope with stress, but it's very appealing aestetically!

In profile...

  • I love how Maddie's nose turns up at the end! It's one of her best features!
  • I love the wrinkled brow when she's worried about something.
  • I love the black hairs on the back of her ears!
  • See that soft patch of hair under her ear. It has a couple black hairs. Right behind that she's practically bald. It's as soft as peach fuzz there. It's the perfect place to nuzzle her!

And now you all know what a freak I am!

Freakishly yours,