Snow - Part Two

It's heading our way again! Snow! It's supposed to arrive in time for this afternoon's commute.

After the last snow event in Novemeber, I'm leaving work at the sign of the first flake! Working in the Valley and living up on the Ridge, means I have to have at least one route up the ridge I can count on. In November they closed the best two and I had to find a back road.

Fortunately, the rain is supposed to show up tomorrow. I hope to get some nice snow pics before that happens. I should have time since I can't leave for work if there's snow on our street! My nonexistant excellent spacial skill have finally determined that we live in a bowl and that is why it is uphill no matter which way I go up our street. Couple that with living on the down side of the ridge (toward the water) I must go uphill to get to the ridge top and then have a plowed/sanded street to descend into the Valley. Snow is a lot easier on the flats!

Have a fun day!

Go Hawks!

AG out!