Bad vacation photography

Exhibit one: Bad enough K3 took this picture when we were at dinner in Bozeman. Bad hair...multiple chins... what was I thinking wearing that shirt?

However, as is often noticed in the Asthmagirl family portraits... we can't maintain the façade of normality for long....

Exhibit two: I know you are asking yourself... "Self? Why would she post such an embarrassing picture of herself?"

Two reasons:

1. K3 is perfectly capable of taking a clear picture (see exhibit one). This one is blurry because she's laughing so hard that even with a VR lens she blows it. I love it when she laughs!

2. The longer I look at this picture, the more I think that it perfectly encapsulates the essence of TOG's and my relationship. That whole "a picture is worth a thousand words?" In this case, this picture is worth about 30 years.

And that's probably worth an embarrassing picture or two!

AG out!