Deadliest Catch Debacle

Three of the five captains above, have quit the show over a contract dispute. Andy and Jonathon Hillstrand are in the actual dispute with Discovery and Sig Hansen left in a show of solidarity.

With only two weeks left until the start of crabbing season there are only a few things I'm sure of:

1. There's more to the story than what is being said.

2. Things will likely change rapidly over the next couple weeks... either in renegotiation/settlement with the existing captains, or in rapid recruitment of new captains to fill out the show. And that's assuming Wild Bill and Captain Keith don't walk too.

3. It's unlikely Discovery would close the show as it is their show with the greatest revenue.

4. Without giving any details, Edgar Hansen posted on facebook that they needed everyone's support right now and

No matter what direction this goes, I figure it's going to be a wild ride.

Hang on!

AG out!