Fear and Loathing in Boise

This shot was about an hour before we hit Boise. It was here that I began to notice something was not quite right in a gurgly sort of way. I blamed it on the late heavy breakfast and vowed to eat light for dinner... although frankly, I didn't think I could face another salad after the one in Jackson Hole.

We had considered driving beyond Boise, but when we looked at what was available in Northeast Oregon in terms of food and lodging we decided to err on the side of caution knowing that we would still have one heck of a drive the next day.

Following dinner... the gurgling manifested itself into something.... unspeakable. In the swimming pool. If I were talking to my Blisters, I would used the code "I needed a cornfield... desperately". Except the cornfield would ideally be situated no more than 5 feet away. But there was no public cornfield at the pool and my personal cornfield was back in the hotel room where TOG was watching football. So... I ran... soaking wet... towel flapping. And there I stayed... for hours. And as I sat in solitude, I chanted over and over in my head "that flippin' salad in Jackson Hole..."

Actually, I said some far worse things than that. Especially during my early morning encore performances at 2am, 3 am, etc... By 6am, when TOG wanted to leave I felt like I might not die after all. Barely.

I left Boise with mixed feelings... a sore behind and a sincere gratitude that we had stopped when we did... but my memories of Boise are not happy ones, although I place the blame firmly and appropriately in Jackson Hole.

Once I had my camera in hand, I slipped into a familiar mode of documenting the scenery. We were heading NW out of Idaho and would cut diagonally across NE Oregon which my dudes at Google Maps indicated was pretty desolate. The shot above is still Idaho.

This was shortly after we crossed into Oregon. You can just see the Blue Mountains in the background.

Towns were few and far between. There was a lot of high desert and then you'd drop down into a little town/oasis like this...

...where oddly enough we saw pelicans on the river.

We also drove next to the Blue Mountains for a while and it's easy to see why they're called that!

At last we began dropping down from the high desert toward the Columbia River and Washington State. This car in front of us was probably one of about 3 that we saw going through Oregon.

We did stop for a couple shots, because the views were amazing...

Really amazing...

Once we crossed into Washington, I pretty much put the camera away. Something about being worn out after 5 days on the road!

Thanks for sticking with me on this road trip. It took me a lot longer than I thought to get it documented!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming!

AG out!

PS~ I wrote to the owners of the hotel we stayed in Jackson Hole and they refunded a portion of our room fee since we got locked out of breakfast the next morning. All's well that ends well... etc.