Yellowstone part three

At last we made it to Old Faithful which I had seen before, but I don't think TOG had. It had changed considerably in the many years since I'd been to Yellowstone. It is unequivically, the biggest tourist attraction in Yellowstone and traffic in an out was a nightmare. We did get a front row view of an eruption however...

You can see the little burp on the left lip of the crater....

Then a bigger burp...

Then it gets serious!

I read somewhere at the visitors center that it burps almost 4000 gallons of water each time it erupts...

Which I can totally believe!

It was totally worth standing there for 20 minutes to get a good shot of this!

We spent so long at Old Faithful that it was late afternoon by the time we got back on the road. TOG wanted to take the West Entrance out of Yellowstone but I told him I hadn't come all this way to miss seeing the Tetons. So I talked him into taking the South Entrance which we estimated would put us in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that night.

Unfortunately, that took us over some of the highest elevation in Yellowstone... but my poor, toasted, asthmatic lungs only had to sit in the car and look at the scenery... until TOG asked me to drive. And then he took shots like this:

Finally, we left Yellowstone and about 300 feet later, entered Grand Teton National Park... and a whole bunch of trees! Here's TOG's version of laying his camera on the dash while I drove:

I know it's not level... that's part of TOG's photography charm! Finally, we started to see the Tetons, and Jackson Lake...

...and after he took this, I couldn't take it anymore and made TOG drive so I could take photographs!

It seemed like the mountains slid right into the lake!

But as we made our way to Jackson Hole, the lake became less visible and mountains more beautiful!

I could not stop shooting!

Right before we hit Jackson Hole, TOG pulled over to take this shot of a whole field of buffalo.

And then the next thing we knew, we were pulling into Jackson Hole, Wyoming... a tourist town... on Labor Day weekend... with no reservations.

Because apparently, that's how we roll!

To be continued!

AG out!