Yellowstone part two

Yellowstone continued with it's stunning beauty! This shot was around midday. The weather prediction had been for thunderstorms, but it was actually quite pleasant and the warm clothes we'd bought in Bozeman the night before got slowly stripped away. We also continued to climb, and my lungs which had taken quite a beating at Mammoth Hot Springs were probably at their worst. I'm not complaining though. Sitting in the car at Yellowstone is no hardship!

I actually had to run down the road for this picture! Spotting animals in Yellowstone is easy. Just look for the traffic jam! TOG couldn't find a place to pull over, so I leaped out and heard people yelling "Bear, Bear!" As always, I had my 18-200 zoom... which was barely able to capture this Grizzly as he was on the move looking for food. When I got back to the car, I looked at TOG and said "we're going to need a bigger lens!" I changed TOG's lens out for our telephoto and kept the zoom on mine so that we'd be able to capture more wildlife.

I captured this shot a few minutes later...

TOG snuck up on K3 and I on our way back from looking at the buffalo!

Here's another stot that TOG took. His turned out better than mine!

TOG shot this pool with my camera. After leaping out of the car to photograph the bear, buffalo and elk, the lungs needed a break. TOG pulled over and I opened my car door and realized there was at least a 50/50 chance I would fall on my face if I tried to stand up. I think we were around 8000 feet here.

I did get out for these paint pots a little while later. From what I read, these are like thermal pools except there's less water flow and it ends up looking like bubbling mud. Still very sulfuric...

Paint pot close up! Very hot!

This is the Saphire Pool, considered one of the prettiest in Yellowstone. This picture does not do it justice. It looks like Carribean waters and you just want to leap in. I think the smell of sulfer is a great reminder to just stand back and look!

Stay tuned for Old Faithful!

AG out!