Yellowstone part one

(If you've missed the first parts of the Yellowstone road trip series, you can find them here, here, and here!)

Arriving in Yellowstone was an awakening in a couple ways. First, it had been so beautiful getting here, I didn't think it could get more beautiful... but it did. The cliffs (above) were an announcement of sorts that we were traveling in an ancient caldera or volcano crater.

Second, it was high altitude. Much higher than I anticipated. This plagued me significantly throughout the day...

Mammoth Hot Springs was our first stop. They are huge. And hot... if you look, you can see the steam coming off of them.

The smell was very sulfuric (which surprisingly, did not bother my lungs) and I was completely amazed that trees would even attempt to grow here.

TOG was shooting with the D80, and as always, I love seeing the same view through his eyes. This is his shot! I tend to like the scope of things and he focuses in on details!

One of the many sulfer pools... I love the color! And the cliffs in the background.

I love this shot. I don't know why. But I was practically on my belly when I shot it!

By the time we left Mammoth and the first sulfur pool, my lungs were cooked. Most of the park is above 7500 feet and our years of hiking have shown that my lungs get iffy above 6500. There were a few times, I just could not imagine getting out of the car and not falling over. And thus, TOG and I developed a system: with no shoulder on the road, I would lift the camera, and TOG would slow the car to a crawl and roll my window down so I could take a shot. Like the one above, a high mountain meadow showing the onset of the fall season.

To be continued...

AG out!