On the way to Yellowstone

We were awakened early in Bozeman by a huge thunderstorm complete with thunder, lightning and hail. Finally about 6:30 the skies cleared and we woke K3 up to go down to breakfast.

Have I mentioned K3 is not a morning person? She was so tired that morning that she just sat in her chair while I made her a waffle and got her juice. As I was finishing up my breakfast, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and I thought "Oh, she's so tired she's going to lay her head down on the table."

But no. The sound of her head whacking the table at full force startled me and I realized she had fallen asleep in her chair! The poor girl had a lovely red mark on her forehead but was otherwise fine!

As we made the turn toward Yellowstone, it was clear we were getting closer to the mountains. I began to get a little nervous as the lungs (traitors that they are) don't do well at high altitudes. But the dang mountains were so beautiful that I continued to enjoy the scenery despite that!

As we stopped for gas prior to Yellowstone, I could not resist this shot. The one thing I noticed throughout Montana was that any little store, gas station, souvenir stand or whatever... if they had an extra 5 square feet, they put in a "casino." It was the oddest thing!

I took this shot for K1. Their sign is kind of small, but on the left is The Howling Hound Cafe! Since K1 has a hound, I thought she might appreciate this!

The mountains and the morning sky continued to thrill me. As we made the last few turns and edged closer to Wyoming, I realized I was pretty excited for Yellowstone!

Tomorrow... the park!

AG out!