The rumor is true...

(K3 and TOG somewhere in Idaho!)

That old saw about how you go on vacation and then when you come back you still have all the work you missed sitting on your desk?


And at home, the box of peaches TOG and I bought in Yakima that must be processed.

End result?

No photo editing. No sorting. No writing.

So I'll do some of that this weekend. Promise!

In the meantime...

(K1 and I on Mother's Day, lamenting our dental issues)

Please wish my beloved K1 a happy birthday. September 11th used to be a normal birthday for her. Sadly, 2001 turned it into a not so great day to have a birthday.

I realize that K1 doesn't get a lot of face time on the blog, a side effect of not living with us and thus out of range of my sick humor camera lens! Aside from being Ben's terrific Mommy, K1 is hysterically funny, opinionated, caring and stubborn. The poor girl is exactly like her father and I!

Happy Birthday K1! Mom loves you! (Dad does too, but it's not his blog!)

AG out!