Ben - A retrospective


 My little grandson is 1! I can't believe it's been a year! Some of you may remember when he looked like this...

Or this....

 Or this... (I love the chubby happiness!)

Then there was this... his elephant phase!

 And the requisite bath in the sink!

Family portrait night where he's imitating K3! 

Helping with the presents! 

Dropping by the pub for K2's birthday!  

The "I'm crawling and you can't stop me"...

 One of my favorites... love the shirt!

Here's a charmer!

 Standing man!

Another favorite! Sing it, Ben!

 And the birthday photo! I can't wait for the party Saturday!

Happy Birthday little big ol' Ben! Wheemaw and Grandpa love you! (K2 and K3 too)

AG out!

PS ~ Cankles...