Stop the Car!

This was one of the last shots I took at Blogfest, taken when Lauren, Shelley and I were leaving Bud's beach. 

I had been trying to get the "perfect" sunset picture because I knew Bud's bay had it to give. Last year's sky was amazing. So when I looked out the car window and saw this sky, I likely scared Shelley to death by yelling "stop the car!" as I fumbled for my camera! But I was totally focused on getting this shot!

I love the color. Flat out. Period.

Love. The. Color.

When I look at shots like this, I always think about what's to come. Even as a beautiful sky whispers about the peace that comes at the end of the day, to me... it also murmurs about the possibilities of tomorrow. Skies like this fill me with contentment and hope.

And in this case, wistfull memories of a lovely day at the beach with friends...

AG out!