Another view


The night I was at the hospital shooting the moon, TOG... The old goat took me down this set of stairs. While it's a view he sees everyday, I kind of liked the industrial feel. Very behind-the-scenes.... stark... obscure...


So I edited these more toward black and white but not fully desaturated.

In the meantime, I'm kind of stuck on why I like them. They are not in my usual areas of interest; nature, sky, brute squad, kids, Ben, etc....

They're not even particularly attractive.

Perhaps I like them for the same reason I like watching oocky medical shows on tv? Or crab fisherman?

They're unattractive.

Clearly, I'm using them to break out of my funk around my last two posts.

Mission accomplished!

Now... be honest. In an ink blot type, analytical way... Do they say anything to you? 

asthmagirl should eat more cupcakes

I thought so!

AG out!