This and That

One of the last shots I got Sunday was this immature eagle in one of the trees overlooking the pier.

He must have had lunch up there with him. He was being yelled at by the crows and was remarkably unaffected by their ruckus! No way was he stepping away from the buffet! (I know that feeling!)

Getting ready to get K3 up. We are off to her intake session this morning. She is not looking forward to the process.

Why do some people take something "this big" and turn it into something "that big"?

I really cannot recommend getting a Chihuahua unless you're on board with the "grape sized bladder". Something must be done!

I woke up feeling like someone rammed a railroad spike in my right ear. That's normal, right? That throbbing feeling should go away by lunch time?

I think my computer ate the paperwork I needed for this morning. I left it open and now I don't see it. Crap-sicles.

Can someone take over for me for the next couple hours so I can go back to bed? Thanks!

AG out!