Hot weekend

I finally got my wish for a hot weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday set records of 95 and 96 respectively.

I did not realize that with the high pressure we were also getting off shore flow, where our air comes from eastern Washington's high desert instead of off Puget Sound. It also means air quality deteriorates, so it's hot AND hard to breathe!

I took one picture of TOG and I at the Seahawk game on my cell phone and it was not pretty. 95 degrees on the 300 level of a concrete stadium is dang hot.

Yesterday, out at the island was miserable. It's usually about 5-10 degrees hotter at the island than it is in Seattle and yesterday was no exception. TOG went out to start up the truck at 5 pm and his temperature read 109.

Today will be another hot one and I'm hoping the air conditioning at work can keep up with it.

Above, Oma gives Cassie a love right before we left. TOG took Maddie down to the beach to cool off, and she took a couple steps and ran for the shade. You know it's hot when a Chihuahua is looking for shade!

Here, Ben enjoys a few moments of semi naked freedom in Oma and Opa's living room!

Off to put my hair up and go to work! Stay cool!

AG out!