Forecast: Restless and mildly crabby.

I am feeling very restless this morning. Antsy... Anxious... Fidgety...  I just feel like there's something I ought to be doing...

Yet lacking direction. Rudderless... Map-less

All of the above coupled with the attention span of a gnat.

Oh, look! Shiney!

I have like 4 different to-do lists going at work for just this reason...

And disorganized? After losing my car keys and having to borrow TOG's in order to drive to work, K3 found mine... in one of my usual places, right where I had searched so diligently.

Fiddlesticks. This menopause stuff blows. This too shall pass, right?

In other news...

Two stand out messages sent through the blog's "contact me" form over the last week... The first from an off-shore company who offers to help me with my search engine optimization. The good news? They will work with anyone. No standards... excellent!

The second is a helpful note that indicates if I just took a whole butt load of anitibiotics, my asthma would be cured. Cured! Wow, and there's my poor Dr. M, slaving over a hot prescription pad without a clue how to treat my wack-a-doo lungs. I think I'll stick with Dr. M.

And finally, half way through August, the sun is predicted to come out in Seattle. *gasp* I may even wax my legs! At this point, I'd be happy with a good two weeks of sunshine. It would be a nice finish to an otherwise cloudy summer!

What's on your news cast?

AG out!