In the meantime

Everyone in the house had plans Saturday morning except for K3 and I. So told her to make herself presentable and off we went to the pub for brunch. (On a caloric level, I think once or twice a year should be the limit for brunch at the pub.)

After ordering I played with the camera and got a reasonably good shot of the beer menu. Even though the front of the pub is windows, it was overcast and raining (of course) which made the place rather dark to shoot in.

And then our "appetizer" showed up... Brew-hole-io's. I love them. Made with brewers yeast and grain from the brewing process, these are a little heavier than regular yeast donuts... in a good way. They have great flavor and a crispy outer shell. Whether you have them with the chocolate ganache or rolled in cinnamon sugar like we did, they are awesome!

I made K3 eat the bigger one... because I wanted to leave room for this:

K3 is a sucker for the stuffed french toast. I think it's stuffed with Tahini? I had other plans...

The brunch special of the month. I only ordered it because of The Baroness. After our attempts to get chicken waffles on the east coast, the savory-ness of this called to me!

These are smokehouse bacon and pecan pancakes with cinnamon butter, caramel sauce, whipped cream and warm maple syrup.

I felt myself slipping into a coma about halfway through. I had to stop.

I wasn't able to eat again until dinner time.

My biggest regret? Not being able to finish my fruit plate (not pictured). The strawberries were PERFECT!

AG out!