Beam of light

Friday's meeting with the neurologist did not go as planned. Our request to the school district for K3's records to be sent to the University were rewarded with 3 pieces of paper that provided insufficient information to support a diagnosis. As K3 prepares to enter her 14th year of public school, I swear, she likely has three reams of paper consisting of evaluations, recommendations, plans, reports, etc. To provide us with three sheets of paper seems a little hard to believe. I'm past the point where I can work up any real anger with the school district. I think they've burned it out of me. Ah well...

So the plan at this point is to do yet another evaluation of K3. Possibly not the last if we decide to apply for state services. But this will be the most complete evaluation done since jr. high. I did find it mildly interesting to note where we were referred... it is a clinic associated with the university's autism center, probably the most logical place to do it.

If anything, I'm simply impatient with the process. K3 has had any number of evaluations in her life and they don't seem to have moved her past this point. That and I'm fairly certain where this is all leading. But I guess I have to honor the process. I'm not looking for a short cut, just efficiency.

Off to work. I got the one grant out last Friday. This one is due by noon. I worked on it a lot last night and I know I'll have some rewrites this morning.

In the meantime, I'll try to get my cheery butt back online. Thanks to all of you that sent your good vibes last week. So appreciated!

AG out!