Love affair

Yes, it's featured regularly in this space. I'm sorry, but I have a love affair with Mt. Rainier. In all it's moods, it is so photogenic, so surreal. I know I'm not shooting anything new, but it calls to me sometimes when I'm out driving. This was snapped on my way to Costco yesterday for work. Yes, I took a moment to pull over and bust out the camera. Don't tell the boss!

In other "love" news, iMom was over last night to get her hair colored. The Brute Squad rejoiced... they love her so! And she loves her job. Love, love, love! Unfortunately, she's still coming to grips with her work schedule/sleep schedule and thus, not blogging much right now. Between last night, and last week when TOG and I bumped into her and Handyman at the pub, I've rarely seen her so relaxed and happy!

And now, I must hit the road yet again to pull together the feast for the monthly staff meeting. I hear some scones calling my name. I may resist in order to be a little less jiggly for Blog Fest!

AG out!

PS~ 94 degrees today! Woot!