To-do list

It's official. In one week, the hilariously funny, articulate and gently sarcastic Baroness and I will board a plane at the stroke of midnight and depart for DC, and ultimately Blog Fest '10.

While the Baroness will nestle into her seat roughly 5 minutes after takeoff, throw her coat over her shoulders and immediately slip into a restful coma, yours truly will sit, upright, wide eyed, irretrievably alert and desperate for sleep.

Activities I plan on engaging in while the baroness dozes include:

  • smearing more self tanner on my legs in a futile attempt to combat the pasty whiteness
  • smearing some on the Baroness just for giggles
  • cataloging any topics I can speak knowlegably about at Blog fest so I don't sound like a dope (I know this won't matter, I may sound like a dope anyway but preparation is everything)
  • calculate the ratio of lift and air speed required to remain airborne with all the medications I've brought
  • ponder the increasing likelihood of network failure at work the more state lines I cross.
  • pick at the red patch on my forehead which has morphed into something so unspeakable, I've named it Bob to placate it.
  • throw glitter in the aisle... I'm feeling festive
  • learn norwegian
  • wonder whether the pilot ever dreamed of flying for NASA
  • estimate the lifespan of my pedicure (not that I'll actually get one) once the plane lands and I start walking around
  • wonder what kind of scones Meg is bringing to the airport
  • puzzle over why the fascinating book I bought the night before is now about as enteraining as a 1970's Harlequin novel
  • rummage through the Baroness' carryon to see if she has snacks
  • rummage through my carryon to see why it weighs 850 pounds
  • ruminate over the laws of physics and density that allow a carryon to weigh 850 pounds and still be the size of a grapefruit ("You're my density")
  • consider whether the clothes I brought are going to be too hot, too big, too small or too boring
  • wish that I had purchased a new camera lens to play with at blog fest
  • sigh in frustration that I put my bite guard in my luggage and not my carry on...
  • remind myself that everything will be utterly fine if only I would go to sleep and get some rest
  • collapse in exhaustion at having finally worn out my brain

It's going to be a wonderful flight!

And we're all going to have fun no matter what!

AG out!

PS~ Just kidding about rummaging through the Baroness' carryon. Dead serious about smearing tanner on her though!