I snapped this the other day on the way down to main street in my little town. It may have been when K3 and I were on our way to see Eclipse. I had the camera set up totally wrong, but I loved the image of the island across the sound and the Olympic Mountains in the background. Although the weather was spectacularly crappy this June, we have had the occasional nice day... followed by a couple days of cloudy and 65!

All of that is coming to an end this week as temps climb into the mid to upper 80's. We'll see if I can keep from whining about the warm weather I wished for!

In other news, I think I leave for Virginia (and Blogfest!) in 9 days! Which means I've entered the mental preparation phase. This consists of:

  • wishing I wasn't so "jiggly"
  • wishing I were mildly thinner (I know they'll love me anyway)
  • wishing the self tanner I've been smearing on my legs religously would kick in
  • wishing my hair wouldn't frizz in the humidity
  • wishing I were better with my camera in stead of (still) struggling along
  • wishing my leg hair would grow so I could wax before I leave
  • wishing this blotch on my forehead would develop into something I could treat instead of sitting there teasing me

Stay tuned for the next phase which consists of panic attacks about packing and wondering if my summer clothes still fit.

With the warm weather on the way, drop by the Asthmatic Kitchen to see what I'm scarfing down huge bowls of!

What are you eating?

AG out!