Digging Deep

Today I am digging deep, using up all my inner resources...

Today K3 and I are off to our second visit with the neurologist, who appears to really know his stuff, to get the official diagnosis on her disability. Gah.

For those not in the know, TOG and I got pretty defensive in her K-12 years after multiple contentious discussions with her school district. The labeling game sucks but you must allow a label in order to get special education services. However, it must be the right label, which gets her services but doesn't allow the school to move her out of acedemics and into "living skills." In jr. high, we finally took her to a childrens neurologist and asked for a diagnosis that the school could not dispute that we could use until graduation. I can't remember what it was, but it served us well. No more icky meetings about her destiny, just mostly appropriate services every year by well meaning special ed teachers (bless their hearts).

Now, after The Accident, in order to be granted guardianship, we must show that K3 has a significant impairment, defined by an adult diagnosis. Further, that impairment may entitle her to some level of state services over the next year or two at least.... something I never thought she would be eligble for given our state's budgetary constraints. But our state has made additional dollars available to students graduating in 2009/2010 and a good diagnosis will make her eligible. This would be a huge move, taking her out of school services for the first time in her life, but services through independent vendors who must show progress are of higher quality than the school district who is not required to do anything but keep her busy until she ages out at 21.

Sorry to be so long winded... I'm just stressy. I'm taking the time off today to go to the neurologist. Time that is pretty scarce as I have a grant due at 5:00pm today (mostly written) and another due on Monday (half written). Did I mention that I hate writing logic models for grants. It is my least favorite part of grant writing!

So... thanks for letting me dump. If you can take a moment to send some good vibes our way... so appreciated.

Yours in stress, tension and anxiety...