Conversations in Virginia

This shot was taken on a very hot day when I was out on Noe Noe and Cdub's boat with ,MPM, Bayman and AM.

On a sizzling hot day out on the water, these chairs were a luscious bit of whimsy. Inviting, unique... I could just see them full of "blisters" (blog sisters) with ice cold beverages and the conversations and laughter flowing!

Now that I'm back in Washington (state), I have a slightly different view of The Chairs. I can still visualize a fun Blister afternoon on the water, but the conversations we would have while sitting in those beautiful chairs were conversations we did have; navigating Virginia in SUVs, sitting in the sand, perched on beach chairs with gritty, sandy butts, across a table with bloody marys, bouncing across the water in boats, lolling on a shanty porch during a storm, floating in Bud's Bay and walking on lawn covered in goose poop.

In other words, we didn't need a perfect setting to do some of our best work; talking and laughing. We did it wherever we were. Although, to be honest, the beautiful scenery didn't hurt my eyes.

Conversely, one of the loveliest conversations I had in Virginia was a silent one... other than the clinking of ice in our water glasses. Sitting with a new blister in a lovely bistro, cooling off from a sweltering walk, the quietness was serene, graceful and communication unto itself.

And that, more than chairs on a dock, is the beauty of BlogFest. No matter which Blister you sit next to, there is no awkwardness, no right thing to say, no forced conversation. Just another opportunity to chat, laugh, hug, mug for the camera or sit and enjoy each other.

But I do love those chairs!

AG out!