Up on the Roof - Part Deux


One of the benefits (among many!) of being married to an engineer is that occasionally, very occasionally you get to go up on the roof of the hospital.... where you see things from a whole new perspective!

Last night, TOG took me up on the roof to capture the moon rise. It was an opportunity not to be missed!  

While on the roof with my camera, tripod and engineer, I took the opportunity to shoot one of my favorite subjects, Mt. Rainier. And yes, that's a plane flying in front of it. The hospital is quite near the airport. So while I waited for moonrise, I took shots like this:

The mountains in the background are the cascades, where Rainier, Adams, Baker and St Helens all hang out!

I'm still working on the moon shots. They're amazing!

Stay tuned!

AG out!

PS ~ Yes, I have more BlogFest shots to share as well! I'm drowning in shots that need editing!