I did not edit any pictures last night or this morning. So I thought I would show you the very beginning and the very end of Blogfest, courtesy of United Airlines who, yes Binky, wanted an arm and a frickin leg to fly Madeline to Blogfest.

Anyway... the picture above is what woke me up as we flew east from Seattle to DC. After taking the pill that had me slipping into a coma, I neglected to close the blind on the window. Thus, in the AM, it wasn't just a sunrise, but seemingly a lake of molton lava outside the window that had my eyelids flying open in self defense so they didn't become welded to my corneas. I was not even awake 5 seconds before thinking "must grab camera". I belive my fumbling around was what woke Shelley up.

Now below... we have the sight flying home...

...which I have carefully labled for you. From left to right, Mt. Hood (in Oregon), Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. (I knew these would be hard to see when I shrunk this picture down small enough for my blog. I may put the original on flickr and post a link to it...)

(due to Asthmagirl's angst at leaving Blogfest, she has also carefully labled the wing, the engine and the lovely 65 degree sky)

Yes, St. Helens is missing it's top.

I blame Gustov.... or Jill...

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming which currently includes snoring chihuahuas, cold legs and three very important grants that are due in a week. (Unfortunately, they carpeted some of the offices while I was gone so I am working remotely from the Den of Madness Brute Squad Central until the dang carpet quits off-gassing and I can return to the mothership.

Yours in not enough time in the day to do "This" and edit pictures...

AG out!