Quantum Leap


Today my little K3 turns 20. I no longer have a child in their teens!

It has been a dramatic year for K3... she's had some exciting experiences!

Beginning with her high school graduation last year

Getting her first nephew! (and realizing he was all that!)

Living the dream and going to Seaworld to see Shamu!


Then the accident and all the subsequent surgeries....

Sitting in a pub with Mom and Dad...!

She's grown up a lot this year... (and yet somehow retained all of her sweetness and innocence)

I know she's ready to face the challenges in front her. She's one heck of a groovy kid.

Happy Birthday my little boo boo girl! Mom loves you so much!

(the rest of the family does too, but I'm not authorized to speak on their behalf!)

Hugs and Kisses!

Mom <3