The Saga Continues

Boy is continuing his recovery...

He continues to show a decided lack of interest in drinking much on his own but totally allows K2 to syringe water into his mouth whenever she wants. Still not processing much urine which worries us since we know the bladder was heavily impacted in the attack.

Last night, Boy felt well enough to to lounge on this Brute Squad blanket outside his kennel "home". His butt pretty much stayed in one place and he just moved his front end for lovies, water and some salmon treats that I brought him when I came home from work. He is still very wobbly and we're wondering now if he will regain full control of his hind end. I believe he will walk, it's just hard to imagine he will be the graceful, athletic cat he was.

On the home front, K3 and I are leaving for her appointment with the neurologist in a few minutes. There has been talk of TOG coming too but since he's still asleep, I'm not sure. In theory, this visit should give us the "formal" diagnosis that we need to finish the guardianship application. This is the appointment with the emotionally difficult pre-application form that K2 and I filled out together regarding her disability. I hear the diagnosis/guardianship/application for state services process gets more overwhelming as you go on so I'm trying to approach this appointment as positively as I can.

And finally, K2 has her first graduation tonight... the nurse pinning ceremony in which her nursing class graduates and gets their nursing pins. Tomorrow is the college graduation for the whole dang school. I assure you, TOG and I could not be more proud of her accomplishments!

Yours in emotional exhaustion,