Survivor - Part Two

Boy is amazing us once again with his resiliency. He's doing well and starting to eat a little. Drinking is not as smooth of a process and K2 has taught him how to drink out of a syringe.

Which is handy since that's how his kitty pain meds are delivered.

This second shot is so perfectly focused on the kennel and not the cat, but I'm including it because I'm pretty sure this is how focused Boy's vision is right about now given the meds he's on. We let him out of the kennel last night and he was slowly stumbling around K2's room stopping to lean against the wall and her closet. After a while, he began to get angry because he couldn't find a good place to lay back down. Signs of temper are a positive sign from him right now. He is acting like a cat that is not only going to live, but is going to kick the Brute Squad's butt if they don't quit all that barking!

His belly still makes me gasp when he rolls onto his side, but he is tolerating the warm compresses and beginning to groom it a little around the edges. He is still not using the kitty box much, but he has made the effort. I suspect his bladder is intact which was questionable when they showed us the xrays. We'll know more today now that K2 is getting more water down him.

Optimistically, I think once the swelling goes down and he gains better control over his hind legs, he'll grow tired of the kennel and us messing with him and turn into a real jerk. That's when I'll know he's recovered.

For now he's at the mercy of K2's nursing...

Which I think he should be darn grateful for!

AG out!