I'm setting up a new computer in my office. My old one was running low on "Ooomph" that I needed to get things done. It could do the everyday stuff, but it was really working hard in terms of the remote work for my agency and I decided that it needed to go to a home that wouldn't ask so much of it.

I have my new system up and running, but it's going to take a few days to get all the programs installed and since the laptop I'm test driving doesn't have photo editing software on it, I can't edit any new photos. Normally, this would be a relief, but I'm kind of at a loss knowing I CAN'T photoshop anything right now!

So above is a shot I took at Blogfest last year. I love seeing everyone's shoes! I have ordered a new pair of Blogfest sandals. Last year, my new sandals didn't arrive on time. This year, I'm thinking ahead!

Speaking of Blog Fest, I can't believe this year's edition is only 2 weeks away (more or less)! I'm excited to hop back on a plane with the Baroness and see all our blisters in Virginia! And frankly, I could use a bit of a getaway...

Thanks for all your lovely comments about Buddy Boy yesterday. I cringe at the thought of him being an indoor cat. Not that I don't love him, but his sister Bad Girl is the indoor cat. And he beats the crap out of her every time he sees her. And they're on different levels... She chases and kills bugs in the yard, he chases and kills varmints in the woods. She doesn't have a chance when he decides to whip up on her. It's the least attractive aspect to his charactor. He can be a stinker. And... 2/3 of the Brute Squad thinks he's the devil. If it was just Buddy Boy and Maddie, things would work out, but throw a mild mannered cat and two hysterical Chihuahuas into the mix, and it would be total mayhem.

Time to throw some clothes on and go to work... This is tech work slam week. Yawn!

AG out!