Buddy Boy

Three weeks ago, our semi feral cat, Boy, suffered an attack by a larger animal. We were scared that we would lose him, especially after seeing the xrays at the vet hospital. When we brought him home, we barely dared to hope that he might survive 24 hours, much less survive... period. Once he was over the initial hump, we continued to be concerned about his hind legs recovering full function. He did not move well at all, even into the second week after the attack.

Thanks to the quality care he got at the vet hospital, the skilled nursing from K2 and the good wishes from Blog Land, particularly Jack and Rose, Buddy Boy is alive and well. He still has some scaring on his hind legs and tummy, and some fears about leaving the house, but he has made an amazing recovery.

Respectfully submitted...

AG out!

yes... I figured out how to shoot video on my D90!