The event is over and we survived!

My event was to construct and run a golf cart obstacle course. It was very entertaining and the teams had a great time "conquering" it!

Now, I would like to collapse.

Instead I'm going to get dressed and go to work, and finish putting away games and dis-assembling signs and cleaning up my office.

Before I sign off, I would like to thank yesterday's sponsors...

The butt crack of dawn



Water pistols

Darts that bounced off Balloons instead of popping them

Foam dice with round edges that kept rolling and rolling and....

Illegally driving the golf cart down city streets without a ticket

Asthma attacks (mild) that sneak up on you

Camera batteries that die in the middle of the scavenger hunt


Air conditioning on the drive home

Daughters that did the dishes while you were at work

And the last minute sponsor, the 85 degree day instead of the cool 65 and showers that was predicted

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

AG out!