That's what she said...

It struck me in the shower this morning that if someone had been recording my conversations this week, I have said some pretty bizzare things that could have been taken out of context. For example:

  • Secret Squirrel!
  • Do you think orange necking is appropriate?
  • I don't know if the squirt gun will work with the toilet paper...
  • For all I know he's a conker.
  • Whose poop is this?
  • I need to find a smoker.
  • The red hen crows at midnight.
  • You have to talk to the Catholics!
  • There's no way that's going to fit.
  • I hate it when my bun breaks!
  • Do you think it's long enough?
  • I'm okay with them seeing it.
  • We're going to need a bigger truck!
  • Do you see me yet?
  • No, not those. I need the sharp pointy ones.
  • What's a ginch?
  • Can I use the buttered biscuit?

Thank goodness no one is listening in!

What have you been saying?

AG out!