Mount Rainier... last week when the weather was actually worth discussing. This was taken from the on ramp of the Valley Freeway (167). There's a bank of clouds just beneath Rainier. By the time I got to the little town I work in, 10 minutes later.... that bank of clouds had completely obscurred Rainier! You couldn't even see it! half hour later we were cloudy... no more clear sunny sky.

June is so unpredictable here.

Saturday it was like 80. Sunday cloudy. Monday lovely... until the clouds moved in. Yesterday started off cold and cloudy and I thought would get nicer. Around 3:30 we had a hail storm, then thunder and lightning and an inch of rain. My coat was out in the car.

I'm ready for a few days of nice weather. Come on, July!

Oh... and the comment about bowling being dorky yesterday? Anytime you're trying to arrange a morale building all day event for 40 people...? Someone is going to find something dorky. Especially if it's an easily accessible activity that they could do outside of the event anytime... like bowling. We did come up with a non-dorky never-been-done-at-our-event- before activity. I can't talk about it yet.

The event is next week. I hope it doesn't rain.

AG out!