Taken a week ago Saturday at the pier. K2, K3 and I took the dogs for a walk and bought asperagus from the farmer's market.

Boy continues to improve and has been moved into the spare bedroom in K2's absence. She's still in San Fran. TOG and K3 let him out in the hallway to walk yesterday and his use of his back legs continues to improve.

I think I am at a "valley" in motivation and activity. It feels like I am always tired. Always. I have to force myself to do things I really like, such as riding my bike. I think I need a kick in the pants... or more vitamins... or something!

Every couple of years, I help to organize a team building event. This year, I have a span of time in the morning that I need to fill with an activity. Everything I've planned has fallen through. I have a back up plan, but tell me what you would like to do if you were with a team of 4 people...

Laser Tag


Go carts

Obstacle Course


I don't want to do the bowling, because it's kind of corny. The go carts are good, but we've done them before. The laser tag would require all the teams to travel to another city and that would take momentum out of the morning... Yoga seems not very exciting. What do you think?

AG out!