At last, the pictures of the college graduations are done... more or less! Above is K2 having her photo taken on stage with her "diploma"!

The lighting in the event center was so crappy, I have a multitude of pictures like this where I couldn't get the shutter open far enough to compensate for "alien eyes"!

But I did get some lovely stage shots...

And shots of family afterwards...

While there were a lot of folks at the nurse pinning, it was just K3, TOG and I at the dipoma ceremony.

I think this is my favorite shot!

K2 is down in San Fran soaking up the sun with Savvy and enjoying a well-deserved getaway from all the finals and hoopla of last week! Hi Sweetie! I love you!

A big shout out today for iMom who is enjoying her first day of being back to work! Woot!

After doing absolutely nothing all weekend (except a ride on my bike and the walking of the dogs) I'm back to work hopefully recharged! How was your weekend?

AG out!