Nurse pinning ceremony

So, the first graduation. This is where they get their nurses pin for completing their studies as a Registered Nurse (aka RN, aka Real Nurse).

As a photography buff, I have to first note that I set up the camera for the lighting in the auditorium prior to the ceremony. They changed the lighting about 8 times throughout the evening. I never caught up because it takes me a while to get the settings right. On top of that, they requested that we not take photos during the pinning because they had a pro photographer on stage photographing and we could buy images from her. Understandable... but it did cramp my style. So I snuck this photo of K2 coming off the stage after the pinning.

K2 and her boyfriend, K at the house before the ceremony.

Ben and I before the ceremony. He's totally unimpressed with me! (my hair is frizzy due to the humidity)

After the ceremony, we went to the pub! Ben alternated between chewing on coasters and throwing them!

He was very well behaved throughout the evening.

I barely caught this shot of him greeting Oma...

Turns out, his excitement was all about the necklace!

It was a long night for Ben and after a bout of "hide the baby" with Grandpa, he was ready to go home!

Before I close, a shot of K2 and her bestie Savvy. I have to brag on Savvy, who is leaving for San Fran today to start her highly sought after summer internship with a prestigious design firm. The other 3 interns are from Ivy league schools. As my Grammy would say, Savvy is walking in high cotton! K2 is jumping ship and driving down to San Fran with Savvy to spend a week relaxing in the fog and sun. I know they'll have a great time!

Off to work, a tech job this evening and looking forward to my weekend of relaxing. What are you doing this weekend?

AG out!