CatchCon 2010 - Deadlist Catch ala Seattle!

What a busy weekend! Here's my CatchCon experience... I'll start off with two words:



On one hand it was the dream experience... the captains are here, the boats are here, there's fun and games and this air of excitement that everyone feels...

And then there's the lines... a good 45 minutes to get in the door and register, an hour and a half wait to get on the Wizard and Northwestern. Lines for food, not enough seating for the panel discussions. I think because they had so few people last year, they didn't anticipate the crowd this year. There folks from all over the US and overseas there.

There was also a bit of chaos (thankfully). The rules for captain's autographs at the end of the day were: you could choose one captain and get one item autographed. So much for my hope of getting an item autographed by each of them to auction off at my agency's auction this year... And the thought of standing in those lines made my think I would just take off early and go home to K3. Then, after the captain's panel, all the captains were out on the pier and frankly... they were mobbed, politely mobbed. People were getting pictures, autographs, hugs... And I participated. I desperately wanted to be there, and I desperately wanted to get home and be with K3. So I took advantage of the opportunity...! here's my photo odyssey!

The captain's panel was awesome! Thank goodness for my 24-300 lens because I assure you, I was all the way in the back! The captains were unedited, salty and hilarious...

Just like I hoped they would be... They had fantastic stories about Cap'n Phil and each other and the pranks that never make the show. Totally entertaining!

Afterwards, I went outside and waited for my shot at a boat tour...

This is out on the pier... the space needle looks to be the same height as the mast from the Wizard (left), but it's much taller!

And this is where I was able to get two ladies from Oregon to save my place in line while I photo stalked captains and crew...!

Captain Keith... who was taller than I thought!

Jake from the Northwestern, who was thinner than I thought, and really nice!

Captain Sig!!!!!

And then... you get to the front of the line and onto the boats. It's surreal because you see these boats on the show with waves coming over the deck and ice all over them... did you know it takes like $80,000 in fuel to bring them down to Seattle?

Anyway... suddenly, there you are standing on the deck! And they have deckhands there waiting to have their picture taken with you! And you feel like you know them because you've been watching them forever! They also had helpers on the boats that you just hand your camera to and then you walk up and get your picture taken...

So here I am on the Wizard!

I did not know Paul, on the left... but I remember when Lynn, on the right was a greenhorn, maybe two seasons ago. And now I'm standing there getting my picture taken with him....!

On to the Northwestern, where I totally geeked out. Do not scroll down unless you're okay with that!

You've been warned!

I felt like I was gonna pop! Here I am ON THE NORTHWESTERN!!!! Standing between Nick and Matt!

When I saw Nick (on the right) I just blurted out "Oh my gosh, it's really you!" and hugged him! Poor guy. And Matt must have thought I was a loser because I couldn't even look at him!

Thankfully, when the lady taking the shot said I looked like an idiot (paraphrasing), Nick said it was cool to take one where I was actually able to compose myself...


So there you have it! A pretty cool experience all in all! I'm really glad I went! The Discovery channel crew and the captains and the deck hands were awesome! And in case you're interested, they had the best iced tea ever there. The cookies were pretty good too!

AG out!