The Alley

While in Victoria, we took K3 to see Fan Tan Alley, promoted as the narrowest "street" in Canada. Given that you can't get a car down it, I don't see how it qualifies as a street, but who am I to quibble?

I'm a non-quibbler... it's part of my endless charm.

That and ability to be functional on very little sleep!

Back to the alley... which is filled with adorable little shops. I saw this cutie guy. I thought he was calling my name...

Yes, he's blurry. As it turns out, he was surrounded by incense, thus the lungs seized up and I took this picture as I was hurrying out of the shop, without adjusting any of my settings. Bother!

So we loitered in the alley, my inhaler and I, waiting for my husband and child.

Yet another one of my charms... the ability to loiter inconspicuously while I wait for the inhaler to kick in!

I am also able to multi task by snapping even more pictures while I loiter in the alley. I loved this door! I thought it said Hogwarts for a moment, but no... Still a very appealing door!

The view of the alley looking the other way. I love the light seeping in!

And then this shot....

Best name for a store EVAH!

No, I didn't go in, I was still wheezy and TOG had to walk me down by the harbor to re-inflate my lungs! But next time, I'm skipping the incense shop and going in here. Because that bare bulb, just inside the shop...? It's calling to me!

Happy Thursday!