Canada by Sea!

After I got back from taking K3 to the surgeon Friday (they released us to begin rebuilding her teeth) we just had this urge to get away for a day or two. It has been a really tense 6 months since her accident so we decided to take a jaunt up north to visit our Canadian neighbors!

So TOG, K3 and I left for Canada Saturday morning. We took the Washington ferry instead of the Canadian ferry. The Canadian ferry is much nicer, but the Washingon ferry shaves a couple hours off the trip, espcially going through customs! Above is Friday Harbor on San Juan Island with the Olympic mountains in the background...

This may be Mount Adams... TOG and I aren't sure. We are sure that this is one of the prettiest ferry rides on the west coast. There's a beautiful shot no matter which direction you point your camera!

I rest my case!

Hoping that all of you had a lovely weekend as well. And now... back to the grind!

AG out!