The "Go" Button

You know that commercial for the "Easy Button"? I think someone has pushed my "Go" button.

After working a full day yesterday, I spent a several hours at a clients business cleaning trojans off one of their computers. Honestly, by the time I got home all I did was eat a sandwich and doze off. Woke up to talk to TOG when he got home, then back to sleep for a few hours.

Today is staff meeting, so I'm out of here in a few minutes to go pick up the catering for the meeting. Then work all day. Tonight after work, I am going to Tacoma to do K2's photo shoot for her graduation from nursing school. I'm excited to do it, but I have the feeling I'll be coming home and crapping out again.

Then there's the photo editing and finishing K3's guardianship papers (which I didn't touch last night). We've scheduled a neurology appt for her, thanks to Dr. M. who made the referral. This should provide us with the medical opinion we need going into to K3's hearing.

Oh, and I have to do my invoices for last month's tech work, and this months...

And K3's torque test is tomorrow, so it's up early to drive into Seattle....

My head is aching. Time to take some tylenol and go to work.

AG out!

PS~ No, I didn't get a chance to visit y'all last night. I'll catch up soon I promise!

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