Keeping it real...

Because I love y'all, I'm going to start off by sharing this shot of Ben and his shirt. Awww... happy baby! What a way to start the day!

Now, I'm still not getting much photo work done. I'm working on K3's guardianship paperwork. It is an ugly process for two reasons. Number one, I have to stop and google legal terms periodically so I'm sure that I'm answering questions correctly or understanding the court's process... number two, if it's challenging having a child with disabilities, it's heart wrenching to write those things you know to be true on legal documents for all to see. Enough said.

So, because I only had time to edit a few photos and because I want to leave you laughing, let me tell you a story about my cats. We have three, Bad girl, who lives in the house with the Brute Squad.

And the boy cats, Boy and Simba who live outside in the garage because they are disgusting critters.

<no picture of disgusting boy cats>

Fear not, as they have an electric blanket to keep them warm and access to as much food as they can eat.

On with the story! Behold! My Car!!!

This is my car at work. I drive approximately 14 miles to work each day. (I love my job)

I drive down a freeway.

I go fast.

Last week, I arrived at work and had barely unlocked my office when someone came in asking "have you looked at your car?"

"Why yes... I just drove to work..."

"You should look again!"

I'm blurring this next picture, because... well, because.

You see, the boy cats tend to eat until they vomit. Never mind that their food dish is pertetually full. Then they go back and eat again. Thus, walking through the garage can be a bit of a mine field. This time however, one of them made it up to the roof of my car before vomiting...

and there it stayed...

14 miles...

down the freeway...

without moving...

I was like a rolling advert for cat vomit...

Of course, by this time I have a whole audience of co-workers alternately laughing hysterically and gagging at the sight of my poor car. I'm pondering how I'm going to get this cemented cat debris off my roof... Enter "G", our marvelous maintenance dude (who can and does fix anything)

Thanks G!

Y'all have a good day now! I know I will!

AG out!

PS- I apologize for my disgusting cats. Please come back tomorrow. I promise not to gross you out and I want to do the book giveaway I've been meaning to do!