Crabs, Bones and CatchCon

K3 is doing better today. She vomited blood again last night... it seems to be inevitable after each surgery when it drains down her throat. But she slept well afterwards and seems to be a little livelier this morning.

The surgeon was not able to put the newest implant where he wanted it and had to put it one tooth socket over. When he pulled back her gums, the bone in the spot he wanted lacked integrity and so he did another graft next to the implant with donor tissue and membrane. We will see what the dentist says about constructing the teeth on top of the implant or if we'll have to consider future implants where the bone graft is now. I think we're all ready to be done with this process... but particularly K3.

Catch Con is later today and I'm kind of excited and kind of dreading leaving K3 and kind of hoping it's as cool as can be. I was emailing with my Aunt (Hi AC!) yesterday and she reminded me that my cousin, AC's oldest son, had survived the sinking of the crab boat he was working on. That would have been back in about 1984...? Unfortunately, he did not survive a motorcycle accident a year later which broke everyone's heart. He was one of those super charismatic people that had that little extra gleam in his eye and a zest for life. He was very vivid and I remember him fondly...

Anyway... I'll be thinking about him at CatchCon today. And K3... And taking lots of pictures! (and loading up on extra asthma meds just in case!)

Have a great weekend!

AG out!