Triple Shot Friday

On surgery eve, it's completely appropriate to eat pizza (not pictured) and chocolate cookies... especially since you'll be living on cream of wheat, baby food, fruit smoothies and chocolate milk for the next week.

Although I've hesitated and hoped things would work out, it's time to file the paperwork for legal guardianship. As much as I wish it were otherwise, I'm clear that we can't rely on others to make decisions that benefit K3. As her best advocate, I'm ready to step up and help her get the most out of her opportunities.

I really appreciated my friend Judy's comment yesterday on my tongue-in-cheek decision matrix. Judy is getting ready to undergo more treatment for her breast cancer this summer and will be wearing donated hair. She doesn't have the option of keeping her hair, much less dithering over whether to cut it or not.

So I'm committing... I'll finish growing my hair out and donate it again. This will be the third time in the last 9 years. It's the least I can do on behalf of Judy and the other women that need to borrow it for their journey. Here's a current pic of the length (as well as Bad Girl the cat and Maddie... up at the top of the stairs). I figure the hair might be ready to go by end of summer, fall for sure. I feel really good about the decision.

I'm setting this to post while we're downtown doing K3's final surgery. Sending y'all kind thoughts and warm hugs! Thanks as always for enriching my life!

AG out!