CatchCon! Oh Baby!


The guesses yesterday were excellent! So I'm spilling!

Yes, I'm a huge fan of Deadliest Catch and have been for years. It brings back many memories of Alaska... partly because of the weather, and partly because my dad hung out with guys like this when he was an assistant hunting guide in his spare time. And then there's my dad; very much a "suck it up and get the job done" kind of guy. I still have the mental scars from helping him process moose and other semi edible critters!

Anyway... back to Deadliest Catch. Last year they started this event called CatchCon (Catch Conference).

It's here is Seattle where most of boats live in the off season. Last year, I thought anyone could go. But no. They limit the number of spaces so that everyone can experience all phases of the glory that is CatchCon. I so wanted to go... but didn't get to because it was full by the time I figured out I had to have an invitation.

This year, I was ready. I joined the fan club, the facebook page, upgraded my greenhorn credentials. I knew they were going to open the registration soon. Unfortunately, they did it during one of my meetings at work. It filled up in mere minutes. I got back to my desk and realized I was a two time loser.

I was very sad.

Then, about a week later, out of nowhere, I got a text on my phone from Discovery Channel. Space available... did I still want to go?

Um...yeah! I got back to them so fast there was smoke coming off the Blackberry!

Baby! I'm going to CatchCon!!!!

I get to meet the captains, and get autographs, and go on the boats, and take pictures.... Woo Hoo!!!!

I'm going to CatchCon!

And then... wanh wanh wah (music of doom).... I realized that it was the day after K3's surgery. I've never left her after a surgery. Euphoria turned to guilt and despair. I came home and told K2 and K3 my great news... and sad ending.

K2 is hoping, I'm hoping... that she doesn't have to work Saturday afternoon and she can sit with K3 so I can go to CatchCon for a few hours.

And my little K3?

"Mom, I'll be totally wiped out on pain meds. I'll probably sleep the whole time you're gone. You have to go to CatchCon!"

Is that a sweet kid, or what?

Baby... it looks like I'm going to CatchCon! (maybe)

AG out!