Triple Shot Friday!

Oh no's! Say it's not so, Whee-maw! You only got 3 hours of sleep last night because of Madeline?

Yes, Ben. This little dog is not the angel she appears to be. She became so fearful of her water dish yesterday (the same water dish she's used for FOUR years) that she kept us up most of the night pacing and whining. I finally figured out what she was frantic about. I put some water in the smallest tupperware I had, maybe a one cup size and she drank almost two of them. Apparently it's not enough to be afraid of her food dish, now she must have a water dish that is too small to fall into.

Your dog needs therapy, Whee-maw.

Tell me about it, Ben!

Happy Triple Shot Friday! I will be picking up a real triple shot on the way to work!

AG out!