This and That Thursday

Just a few random thoughts on work and life before I go in early...

  • It seems like there's a never ending supply of laptops needing work...
  • I'm really putting out some zen thoughts to keep from being angry at the condition in which staff return laptops. Gah!
  • And their casual attitude doesn't help...
  • Today is the tasting for the caterer we prefer.
  • I hope we love the food because every other caterer we've met with is lacking that special something.
  • Thank goodness the garbage collectors strike was averted. Now I can get back to pondering spring cleaning instead of actually doing it
  • I'm fine with mail being only 5 days a week.
  • I have to do my taxes
  • I have work the next two nights for one of my clients 
  • I'm hitting the B vitamins... they work on stress, right?
  • I tried reducing my asthma meds at night. I reinstated my regular dose last night.
  • I'm hanging with The Baroness Saturday!!!
  • I'm sure I can squeak out an Easter Brunch in my spare time!

What's on your list today?

AG out!