The View from the Roof

This weekend, The Old Goat had to clean the gutters, a job he particularly dislikes. I thought perhaps I should join him and keep his spirits up....

Hello Dear! Fancy meeting you up here. No... don't turn around... I don't want you to lose your balance!

Now... for those of you who are unfamiliar with the lay out, over here.... look to your left, no right... look to your right!

No, that's my foot. And part of my leg. Yes, I'm scrunched in tiny ball. Despite the ziplining bravado, Asthmagirl retains her trepidation of high places. That is, they are to be experienced as infrequently as possible with no photographic evidence until after the event. Pass the inhaler! 

Now... look to the right of the photo above. Can you see it? No? Let me adjust my position...

Whoa! Slightly dizzy here! Trying to show you the little pink flowers next to the brick. And there's a white thing down there... good night! What is it? I don't even recognize my own flowers from this elevation. Never mind. Backing away.

TOG? Where'd you go?

Crap! He's all the way over there now! And doing a dandy job with those gutters.

Now you may have noticed the lack of development across the street from us? Wetlands. Our boy cat lived there for 6 weeks when he got lost when we moved here. There's all sorts of critters in there... moles, mice, rats and the killer raccoons. Sunday morning there was a woodpecker that drove the Brute Squad crazy!

Hey TOG! Don't leave me over here...

Okay, I'm outta here. Hey, wait a minute...! Is that my turkey brining bucket?

Ah heck! I'll reclaim it later!

AG out!